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Marketing Plan

Are you using the right medium to get your message across?

We create customized marketing plans that will get you ahead of the competition. We’ll take you to your potential clients and use the most effective strategies to drive them to take action. We’ll choose the tools, messages and platforms that are the most relevant to them.

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Your website has to showcase who you are

But does it get you the results you want? When you first launched your website, it had been built according to the business and digital models of the time. However, you’ve since updated it by adding content, urgently needed at the time, with current business goals in mind. As a result, your website probably needs a good spruce-up. This is where we come in.

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We know your brand is great

But can it be seen where it needs to be seen: online? We can ensure that your brand will be seen by your potential clients by auditing your online presence and identifying the best ways to get you to stand out from your competitors. We’ll put forward solutions that enhance your brand based on your clients’ most pressing needs.

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Organic SEO

Is your website still waiting for clicks?

A beautiful and newly-designed website is not enough for it to be seen on search engines. Indeed, Google & Co. need much more to get you to the top. It’s actually been proven that searchers will automatically ignore paid ads and go straight for the pages that "organically" appear at the top of search engine results, and that’s organic SEO. 

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Community Management

Your Social Networks Is Our Playground!

We manage social media for SMEs in Gatineau/Ottawa. Presence places your pawns one by one on the social media chessboard to make you a winner. It has become crucial to maximize your visibility on social media to create attraction, drive more traffic to your website and reel in your prospects!

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