8 Useful Tips For A Powerful Email Marketing Campaign

1- Consider the benefits of an email campaignl

  • Targeted, massive and fast email sending
  • Low cost: no mailing cost, low design cost
  • Instant action and quick return: 80% of emails opened within 48 hours
  • Tracking made easy: useful statistics provided by software-integrated tools.

2- Set your campaign goals

To come up with relevant content, answer this question first: what are you looking to achieve with an email marketing campaign?

  • Prospect and increase customer loyalty?
  • Launch a new product sales campaign?
  • Improve and customize customer dialogue?

3- Choose a compelling title

A short but dynamic title - between 4 and 7 words - is essential. It is the first thing recipients read; if it doesn’t draw their attention right away, they might delete the email without opening it. Be honest in the email content - don’t promise anything you can’t provide.

4- Write content for busy readers

  • Make it instructive, write short sentences and paragraphs
  • Write email content that reflect your campaign goals
  • Tailor it for recipients: customers, prospects, individuals, businesses
  • Format: make it simple text, or HTML that allow for images, colours and links
  • Keep it light: 30 KB maximum, don’t take up space in your recipients’ inboxes.

5- Send your email at an optimum time

Avoid Mondays and Fridays; Wednesdays are best. Send it early in the morning so as to keep it at the top of the recipient’s inbox when they open it.

6- Review the responses to your campaign

 Email marketing software provide statistics regarding responses and impact of your campaign:

  • Delivery rate: sent vs bounced messages
  • Email open rates and click-through rates
  • Traffic rates to your website
  • Post-click response rate: subscriptions, downloads, filled-out forms
  • Removal from subscriber lists number.

7- How to use the data?

The above statistics allow you to target your recipients more accurately, remove invalid or bounced email addresses and focus on those that have reacted to your message. Based on things that have worked particularly well in your current campaign, adapt your future content to increase response rate.

8- Points to avoid mistakes

  • All promotional emails require recipients’ approval before sendout - make sure you have it
  • Make sure your name and contact information are easy to find
  • Recipients must be able to spot your Unsubscribe prompt easily
  • If your response rate is low or if many recipients unsubscribe, use it as an opportunity to learn and share with your team.

Article by Philippe Sigouin, Presence Gatineau CEO

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