5 Easy Steps To A Successful Website Launch


Successful entrepreneurs acknowledge the importance of a strong web presence for their business. They know a brand new website is the first big step. They also want their new website to be launched with a bang, but they also want it to lead to increased exposure online over time. 

Understanding prospect user experience on a website and how to grow traffic must be priorities for any business owner looking for a higher conversion rate and increased sales.

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Struggling To Find Your Social Media Audience?

Do you know who is your prospect targets for your social media messages?

It’s a fact, social media is key to reach a large audience with a single message. However, you shouldn’t post something without first having given careful thought to the specifics of your target audience. Firstly, you need to know who that audience is!

Marketing and social media go hand in hand

Social media is now part of all marketing campaigns set up by organisations. The most important factor for such campaigns is to be very familiar with your audience. Do you want to reach fashion trendy young women? mothers at home? golf fans? startup entrepreneurs?

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8 Useful Tips For A Powerful Email Marketing Campaign

1- Consider the benefits of an email campaignl

  • Targeted, massive and fast email sending
  • Low cost: no mailing cost, low design cost
  • Instant action and quick return: 80% of emails opened within 48 hours
  • Tracking made easy: useful statistics provided by software-integrated tools.
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How To Ensure Your Corporate Blog Pays Off

As with most marketing and visibility strategies, your corporate blog must be in line with your customers’ needs. Posting informative and useful blog articles on a regular basis can generate exponential new traffic directly to your corporate website. 

Start with defining what your company blog main goal is going to be:

  • Talk about your promotions, contests and new products?
  • Drive qualified traffic to your entreprise website?
  • Boost your search engine onpage position results?
  • Add to your newsletter subscribers and contacts lists?
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