Presence Is Green!

Sustainable Development Is for Us and our Children

To Consume Means to Vote for the Environment

What we do with Planet Earth will come back to our children.

Towards a paperless office

  • We reduce the use of paper with office digital tools
  • Use 100% recycled paper in the office and at the printer
  • Using the recycle bin available at each workstation
  • Notice in our communications not to print emails

Best environmental practices

  • We facilitate teleworking when projects and circumstances permit
  • Reduce energy consumption with Energy Star efficient appliances
  • A paper shredder is there for everyone in the office
  • Eco-responsible behavior in our personal living environment

Better consumption

  • We lease rather than purchase equipment and tools as required
  • Reduce and optimize the use of the car at all times
  • Choose to take a bicycle to run small local errands 
  • Use ecological soaps and cleaning products

What are YOUR environmental practices?

Discover Gatineau's Enviro Éduc-Action (French)